Don’t let the diagnosis mean despair for your diet!

Diabetes dates back 3,000 years when the people of Egypt, India, China and Greece began discovering people with excessive thirst, urination and weight loss. They even learned how to detect it in people and came up with treatments such as eating whole grains to reduce symptoms.

Type 2 diabetes was thought to be relatively rare in those days, but it currently sits as the #7 killer in the United States and contributes to heart disease, which tops the list. …

Plato was said to have his first frightful vision of Trump while meditating atop Mount Lycabettus

Plato was many things in his life. Philosopher. Teacher. Seer.


Oh, you didn’t know Plato was behind such all-time greats such as Gladiator and The Matrix? Sure, his original screenplay didn’t have a great red-pill/blue-pill scene. The Wachowskis added that part in later, but Plato’s Republic lays out the basic plot.

In Plato’s version, Neo was chained to a wall deep inside a cave. The only thing he could see was the flickering shadows cast by the torchlight. Neo had lived his entire life in that cave without seeing another living being, so for him, those shadows were all…

The trials and tribulations of a work-from-home dad

“Hi, my name is Samantha and this is my daughter Ellen…”

The words seem innocent enough, and given that they weren’t directed at me, I shouldn’t have thought anything of them. But I did. And specifically because they weren’t directed at me.

When my daughter and I entered the pool, there was a mom and her two boys playing next to the stairs. It was a big pool with plenty of room in the shallow end, so my 4-year-old and I carved out our own spot adjacent to them. …

Whether it be D&D or Pathfinder, a Game Master Can Turn a Great Game Into a Horror Show

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

The Dungeon Master has one of the hardest jobs in gaming. Not only must they be the interpreter of the rules, the roleplayer behind a cast of non-player characters, and oftentimes the story creator behind a homebrew adventure, they must also be the Law when it comes to final decisions, the Helping Hand when it comes to really bad dice rolling and the Kindly Sage when it comes to introducing new players to the game.

At times, it can be thankless. Or, at least, not thanks enough.

Too often, players don’t understand exactly how much hard works goes into being…

However, the reverse is usually not true…

While it might not be something you want to lead with in a job interview, one basic philosophy that separates good programmers from the rest of the pack is that of laziness. A good programmer feels the same way about basic tasks such as looping through a recordset and performing simple logic based on the results with the same zeal as an elementary school student attacking their math homework, minus the full-fledged freak out but possibility not minus the grumbling acceptance of work to be done.

Let’s face it, coding is sometimes just an advanced form of data entry. …

My 8-year-old had issues with word problems, but with patience and practice, we worked through them.

Pixabay / Public Domain

My daughter has always been shy. She’s the kid that hovers at the edge while her friends are playing until she grows comfortable enough to join in the fun. Once that initial shyness disappears, she dives into the fun with abandon, but she is prone to being shy at times even when she knows the kids involved.

So perhaps it isn’t a surprise that she also feels anxiety in school. …

How fast can parenthood happen? It only took us four days… or six months… or two years, depending on how you look at it.

Image by Pexels / Shahbaz Akram

Pan in on a couple sitting across from each other at a table decorated with two margaritas and a centerpiece of guacamole. Their conversation is hushed, but from the look on their faces, serious. The man pushes his phone across the table. A single glance is all it takes for the woman’s eyes to brighten like a sunrise and then moisten like incoming rain.

The camera focuses on the phone’s display. The picture is of a newborn brandishing a contagious smile.

I like to think the movie of my life will start at that moment. Aged 41, happily married for…

Republicans and Democrats share one thing in common: They often believe a slanted media simply because it is slanted their way.

Image via Pexels / Public Domain

“Your assignment was to watch the presidential debate and write two papers. Each paper was to cover the facts without exaggeration, but one paper was to be slanted toward the Democrat nominee and the other slanted toward the Republican.”

The year is 1992 and the debate is between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. As we wait for class to begin, we marvel among ourselves at just how far apart our papers were and how easy it was to slant them one way or another simply by omitting facts or taking quotes out of context. …

Sometimes dismissed as simply a teen show by the “unknowing ones,” those miserable souls doomed to walk the earth without knowing the greatness that is the Scooby Gang, Buffy the Vampire Slayer shaped the future of television. The show that gave us the shocking death of a major character long before Game of Thrones and put “the big bad” into our television vernacular, Buffy was a crazy mix-up of great storylines, fantastic drama, excellent writing and a we-don’t-take-ourselves-too-seriously sense of humor.

There will never be another Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There may be a show with the same name, but…

Image Courtesy of Facebook Technologies, LLC.

It’s amazing what getting rid of a cord can do.

In 2006, the Nintendo Wii introduced a brand new way to play games and blew people — even non-gamers — away with the ease of jumping into the game using the innovative controllers and the pure joy of interacting with a game using natural motions rather than just pressing a joystick and pushing buttons.

In 2019, the Oculus Quest is making its bid for the Nintendo Wii’s crown.

It’s not that virtual reality gaming is new. In fact, the quest for the ultimate virtual reality headset stretches back to the…

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